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It's scorching in Florida... and beauty help is on the way!


With our endless pool days and pitchers of sweet tea ahead, there’s no better time to mix up your get-glam routine with some great Korean skin care and natural products. We've tried everything from Korean Sheet Masks and Coconut Oil to Mists.


“For me, I typically wear much less makeup in the summertime because let's face it, Florida is HOT.


Because of the heat and humidity, it’s hard to keep anything on your face, so having a naturally glowing complexion is important. I've always been mindful of putting quality products on and taking vitamins to keep my skin, hair and nails in good shape, however, as I'm in my 40's now, I've developed a routine of daily habits for pampering my skin. I'll mix things up by trying new products like the ones listed here."


Melisa K.


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Our Favorites

1.  Mask Your Way To Prettier Skin

Buy It: $13;

Honestly I'm Real is one of my favorite Korean sheet mask providers (yes I've tried quite a few) has to be Tony Moly: they come in fun, affordable and most importantly results-driven options!

2.  Go Coco for Coconut Oil

Buy It: $18;

When it comes to maintaining healthy hair, easy makeup removal and a glowing complexion, I love to keep it simple and even organic with Virgin Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil.  This superfood is super for applying to the ends of your hair to prevent split-ends and dryness from Florida's heat.  But I also use Coconut Oil exclusively as my makeup remover and have for 3 years now.

Have a sunburn or dry skin?  You can rub coconut oil on those areas too for instant relief!

beauty hair skin nails vitamins review

3.  Hair, Skin, & Nail Vitamins

Buy It: $13;

I used to not take any vitamins, but after hitting 40, my hair and nails don't grow as fast as they used to!  Since taking these for the past couple months, my nails are stronger and longer.  My hair dresser can't believe how quickly my hair is growing now.

For those who know me, I've gone from my hair being just over an inch long in the back to now down to my shoulders in just a few months!

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