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REGION:  West Virginia      CATEGORY:  Hair & Makeup



Brittany Ilene Make Up and Hair Artistry

West Virginia




I specialize in hair and makeup!


"Here is as brutally honest as it gets. I am essentially a dude. I have no clue how to apply makeup, I don't wear it regularly and when I do try something new, I get the advice from my 13-year old niece. So, hiring a makeup artist for my wedding was one of the most horrifying things I've ever done. I went back and forth, even calling and canceling before eventually re-booking. I was BLESSED beyond measure on my wedding day! Brittany is truly a Godsend! I've NEVER felt more comfortable with any service and I've NEVER felt (& probably never will feel) as beautiful as I did on my wedding day, all thanks to her! I couldn't even explain what I wanted because I didn't know makeup products or terminology, but she made the EXACT vision of what I wanted come alive, with literally no direction from me! I told her I wanted to look natural and still like ME, but that I also wanted to be glamorous (seems impossible even when I say it now!). Brittany is SO talented there truly are no words! She will make you feel comfortable, laugh with you, cry with you, and you will leave your session with a new friend! I opted for the airbrush makeup. She finished with my makeup around 1pm. My wedding was at 4pm. Leading up to my ceremony during the photos, it was about 80 degrees outside during our photos and then during my vows, we literally got stuck in a tsunami, and then about 6 hours of rain, mud, reception, sweating, dancing, etc later and my face was still completely flawless. I recommend Brittany to EVERYONE I know for ANY occasion. You owe it to yourself to let her make you feel more beautiful than you've ever felt!"


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