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Things Only Florida Gals With Curls Know...


If you're a mom, having curly hair can sometimes be like dealing with a two-year-old. Try as you might, they’re impossible to contain. In our Florida heat and humidity, they’re like wild kids who leave you feeling exasperated.


But, just like that unruly two-year-old, you once thought would never outgrow her wild antics, one good day makes it all worth it. With a little help, your frizzy, fluffy, and all-around hard-to-manage locks become bouncy, shiny, and lovely with these tips!


Melisa K.


Forget the Brush.  Spray Your Way To Pretty Locks.

Buy It: $26;

Honestly It's a 10 is one of my favorite hair products to control my frizzy Florida hair of all time (yes I've tried quite a few).  As I get older, my hair gets more and more out of control with its dry, brittle ends and unruly waves.

With that said, don’t even think of coming at us girls with curly or frizzy hair with that brush. If you do, you’re likely to disappointed. Curls need to be taken care of with a gentle hand.

Coconut Oil.  I Swear By This Stuff.

Buy It: $26;

The running joke in my family is I think Coconut Oil solves everything.  My teenager even claims I think it would fix a broken bone.  OK, it doesn't, but it really is one of my BEST beauty products for everyone, especially women over 40.

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