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Apply for our Vendor Guide

Discover how we can help you grow your business.

Most Popular Benefits For Our Members, for only $45:

  • Online advertising

Boost your online presence to get more leads and start getting more exposure. Choose the listing type that meets your needs and we include links to your site, email + contact info PLUS a photo gallery!

  • Social Media Optimizer

Posting on social media can be daunting so we’ve given Instagram Takeovers twice a month to our Members- it's that easy. Our COC Members create custom posts with us!

  • Sponsored Blog Posts

Putting our audience at your fingertips every month with curated content we create together!

So what are you waiting for? Go apply today and enjoy being part of our vendor family!


If you see the “Editors’ Pick” designation, that means that the vendor has had a real wedding or a styled shoot featured in a FOUR Magazines print edition, and so they get an extra-special stamp of approval!

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