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How to Let Your Bridesmaids Choose Their Own Dresses

How do you avoid mismatched chaos and still get the wedding look you want? We have the answer!

When planning your big day every single detail can feel like the most important one, particularly when it will affect the outcome of your wedding album. Details like wedding favors, table linens, and even the cake topper play a major role on your wedding day.

In Orlando, it tends to be hot most of the year, but that doesn't mean you sacrifice fashion. Short sleeves maybe one of the best options if the wedding is outdoors. But a bridesmaid dress doesn’t have to look too "bridesmaid-y" as there's lots of color and style choices your friends can choose from. For example, here are a few options to consider:

Pick One Color: Tell your bridesmaids the exact color you want and they get to choose style. Be sure to tell them the heels you want them to wear too!

Pick Black or White: This one is the easiest even though there might still be some minor variations in color, going with an all black or an all white palette for your bridesmaids cuts out much of the room for error.

REMEMBER: Pick universally flattering shapes. If you do choose the style of dress for your bridesmaids, A-line dresses are a safe bet. Fitted tops and fuller skirts are universally flattering. Avoid overly-trendy designs as they may not look good on everyone.

Since bridesmaids are literally every height and every body type, so finding that one dress for all of them would completely not work. But we know you want the look to be kind of cohesive, so try our ideas of picking one color (or just black/white) and letting your girls choose the right style for them!

Enjoy Your Wedding!

The Four Magazines Team

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