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The Biggest Beauty Mistakes A Bride Makes

As far as wedding beauty is concerned, makeup tends gets a lot of attention. So we turned to Preferred Vendor Cindy Page, owner of Fantasy Hair and Makeup. They are the experts and share with us what they think are the three biggest hair mistakes that a bride can make. Let's take a look:

Photo by Preferred Vendor Matthew & Ashly

1. Top Hair mistake: not planning a trial run in advance. They recommend planning a trial run weeks before the big day. Think about the weather, a beach wedding may be windy and humid... will it be a hot summer day? Hot days call for an updo. Consider for the weather and environment as you plan your hairstyle. 2. Huge mistake is to rush your artist. Artist need time to work on their project. Make sure to plan enough time, when an artist feels rushed he or she may not be able to do their best work. This is your big day, you want your hair artist to have plenty of time to perfect your look. 3. It's a big mistake to select a style that makes you feel uncomfortable. Do not choose a hairstyle that will limit your ability to have fun. This will be the most eventful night of your life don't let your hairstyle limit you. Will there be dancing, will you be worried about your hairstyle falling? Are your hair extensions too heavy, will they give you a headache? Think about the full day and night as you plan your hairstyle. In conclusion we recommend trying your hairstyle weeks before the wedding and wearing it for an entire day. Then if you're not totally satisfied have your stylist, try something else. You spent your entire life dreaming about your wedding day, do not let your hair style limit you from having the time of your life!

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