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The Art of Adding Vintage

This is the season for home buying here in Orlando and we've decided there are two types of home buyers: those who want a move-in ready home, and those who want to buy a fixer upper. William and I are definitely the "fixer upper" vintage types.

As some of you may know, bringing anything vintage into my home is truly what makes me happy. There’s just something about designing and adding vintage character to our 2008 "standard builder-grade" home that is so enjoyable to me - like refurbishing this old English cast iron mantel pictured above into our family room. We actually have three of these sweet vintage mantels in our home - our family room, living room (aka 'my piano room') and master bedroom. I can't imagine William letting me buy any more for our house, lol, but what he doesn't know won't hurt him! (and hopefully he won't look in the garage!)

Having worked in new home construction for my father in my earlier years, I've always had a love for home improvement projects. Since William became a Realtor, we’ve dreamt of finding and renovating a vintage home together. But finding the right location, and the right timing, is another obstacle all together! Plus, when we decided to start the magazine, FOUR, I knew I wanted to focus all of my attention on growing it —but that meant we were going to need to wait on finding our dream home.

Because William and I have been transforming our current home with the vintage charm we love, I decided it would be fun to share how we've incorporated "the art of vintage" into our home.

Here's a look at this fireplace decorated for winter with pinecones (and our FOUR holiday issue displayed!)

So this month, go get something vintage you love and add some charm in your home. It’s these small touches that inspire and bring your home to life!

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