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Sponsor Corner: Heart Ease Floral Elixir

Planning a wedding can go from exciting and dreamy to stressful and overwhelming in a heartbeat. This is why is it SO important to take care of your beauty on the inside and outside so that when your BIG day arrives, you are as cool as a cucumber with perfect, healthy skin. Our friends at Floralchemy know this and is a perfect place to start looking (their products have been personally vetted and selected by our editorial team).

According to Floralchemy, "this premium herbal supplement comforts your heart and eases your mind with potent Icelandic blooms. It supports greater levels of heart brain coherence to aid emotional equilibrium and health from within.

It simultaneously relaxes and uplifts making it an important ally to address both hyperactivity and emotional heaviness. Expertly crafted with time-honored medicinal flowers used traditionally for despondency, heartache, cardiovascular health, grief and worry this daily elixir engenders feelings of wholeness, peace and wellbeing."

Be sure to check our future blog posts about this great health + beauty company. In the meantime, please go check out their entire Floralchemy Collection.

"Beauty, magic, and flower-forward living with high performance wild-foraged medicinal flower skincare and elixirs." ~ Floralchemy

This post is brought to you by Floralchemy – thanks for your support of the brands that make FOUR Magazine possible!

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