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Thank you for your interest in submitting your Styled Shoot, Real Wedding or Product with FOUR Magazine!

With our 2024 relaunch, FOUR will continue to strive to be the South's expert source of wedding celebration and lifestyle inspiration. We hope that by sharing Styled Shoots and Real Weddings, we can honor the time and creativity you put in while showcasing professionals who grace the wedding industry in our print magazines, digital magazines and blog.

Please note, from the hundreds of submissions we receive – we will select approximately 10-25 Styled Shoots for each print issue; the blog will be a much higher acceptance.  Not all blog accepted submissions will be in print however.  All submissions are automatically considered for print, digital, and blog.

*Unlike other publications, we do not charge a fee to submit or be in print.  We simply believe that sharing and promoting the love for FOUR Magazines is enough of a thank-you.  Please tag us #ilovefourmags and follow us on social media.  We will provide a discounted rate to those accepted to be in our new 2024 Blue Ribbon Society and would love to have you!

Styled Shoot & Real Wedding Submissions

Be Seen in FOUR Magazines


VOL 23 DEADLINE TO SUBMIT:  March 31, 2024


We are looking for:

  • Southern style wedding photos are requested, but all will be reviewed and considered because we believe Southern charm transcends geography and welcome submissions beyond the southern region.


For Styled Shoots + Real Weddings: 

  • Cute couple photos (non-wedding day photos of couples doing fun activities together)

  • Happy brides and grooms in Southern settings preferred - all cultural, racial, and sexual diversities

  • Flower girls and ring bearers

  • Dapper Guys (grooms + groomsmen with great style)

  • Wedding decor (think aisle, florals, etc)

  • Southern items (i.e. a bushel of oranges, beach, bow ties, gingham, rocking chairs, sweet tea, palm trees, mason jars, etc.)

  • Southern landscape (i.e. palm  trees, magnolias, picket fences, bodies of water, etc.)

  • Gorgeous wedding portraits (couple and family photos)

  • Newlyweds (at home or at a popular destination south of the Mason Dixon line preferred)


Have a fantastic product that you think our readers would adore? Please first send a digital submission – just a photo of the product plus a short description including retail price and where to purchase it should you be selected – to for review. If approved, we’ll request an actual physical sample be shipped to us (at your expense). Please title your email V23 PRODUCT SUBMISSION.








Rules & Tips for Submitting:

  • Please use some SOUTHERN ETIQUETTE when submitting, being approved and/or declined.  First, of course, we must address this isn't a "real rule" per se, but we remember those who are sweet and kind, follow us on Instagram, like/comment/tag etc.  And we remember those who don't of course.  Like grandma used to say, "You win more friends with honey then you do vinegar!"

  • Please note we do have a strict exclusivity policy and cannot share work that has been featured on another blog or in another publication, and we would prefer that print submissions not be seen anywhere online

  • Please no black and white photos

  • Light, bright photos with true whites preferred

  • Vertical and horizontal shots are welcome

  • In general, try to stick to our colors (pinks, mint green, peaches, whites, blues, and light teals)

  • Real, happy, joyful couples and wedding parties of all kinds are gladly accepted here

  • Clean backgrounds depicting our Southern lifestyle


  • Send an email to with the subject line, “V23 Styled Shoot Submission”

  • Instaproofs or a link to a full gallery with login credentials given. 

  • Only high res of 300dpi and above will be considered

  • Name your images after your company name. (i.e. “XYZPhotography_1.jpg”)

  • Send away!  We’ll email you back if we need high resolution images for print!

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